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Love, the only beauty. You, the only light.

My offering to you in this moment – at this Turning Of The Page – is a simple prayer, refracted through a kaleidoscope. I allowed myself to embrace the bewildering, refracted perspectives of “all that is struggling to attain form” (i Ching Hexagram #3 – “Difficulty At The Beginning”). I encouraged myself to revel in the awe I feel for the raw fact of existence, hurtling through timeā€¦ and that it keeps happening!

And these times are strange indeed. A few days ago, on December 20, on the eve of the Big Question Mark…

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Sometimes you just have to let it go. In my last post, where I introduced Nest Of Wishes, I stated my intention to release music like a thistle gives its seeds to the wind – freely, without knowing what will become of it. Well, now it’s time to get down to it. I’m releasing a new song today.

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On September 13, 2012, while hiking in Tilden Park, I came upon a bunch of thistles that had just released thousands of fluffy, white seeds. They were covering the ground, clinging to the plants and being whisked away by the wind. It was an enchanting scene – like the forest after a fresh snowfall. I took a bunch of pictures. I thought about how many people would watch one of these seeds drift by and all the children that would run after one hoping to catch, make a wish, and release it again. Here I had found a nest of wishes.

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