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Love, the only beauty.  You, the only light.


My offering to you in this moment – at this Turning Of The Page – is a simple prayer, refracted through a kaleidoscope.  I allowed myself to embrace the bewildering, myriad perspectives of “all that is struggling to attain form” (i Ching Hexagram #3 – “Difficulty At The Beginning”).  I encouraged myself to revel in the awe I feel for the raw fact of existence, hurtling through time…  and that it keeps happening!

And these times are strange indeed.  A few days ago, on December 20, on the eve of the Big Question Mark (representing the sum total of all the various scenarios of everyone who even entertained a sliver of a notion that something momentous could occur on the 21st (and I’m not saying that it didn’t)), I had the special treat of witnessing the night sky over Annapolis, Maryland explode into blue, pink, white, green, and orange for about two minutes.  I’ll admit, I did take a few seconds to entertain the notion that – in fact – the aliens were getting a jump on The Big Day by taking out our power grid with fabulous rainbow-colored electromagnetic pulse bombs.  I wasn’t alone.  Twitter was abuzz with hysterical holiday shoppers: the whole town mall had lost power.  An hour later, while listening to the radio in the dark at my folks’ home, it became clear that it was a downed high-voltage power line about a mile from our house (which happened to knock out power for over 50,000 homes for most of the night).  I could imagine the little baby Jesus – still in Mary’s womb for another few days – turn his head slightly to the side and wink.  “I got yer new light right here.”  Apocalypse wow!

So the earth tips back the other way and the days grow longer.  The calendar of an ancient civilization clicks over to  Various traditions celebrate the dawn of new light into the world – one way or another.  I feel so fortunate to be able to create things, and every time a new musical idea just pops into sound in front of me… that’s a new dawn – some bizarre planet somewhere has just rotated to the point where its blue sun is peaking over the horizon.  It’s all in the way you look at it.  And what’s doing the looking.  (And who wants to know…?)

New light is something we can all get behind.  By that I mean we can all stand right in front of it and be so deeply grateful – for simply existing.  The new day, the new year, the new age, the new eyes.  And a fresh mind, fed by ears funneling sound of all kinds, in unfore”heard” combinations.  It makes me so deeply happy.  I do my best to channel this love onto my sonic canvas – over and over again – so I can give it to you.

So this is what you have here, another one of my quirky tapestries.  Too complex?  Perhaps.  But you should’ve seen the other guy!  I really do hold out my hand towards the simple light of truth, doing my best not to confound and confuse.  But still, I stumble onward, the wide-eyed bumbler, tickled over and over by the fact that such a simple love keeps coaxing new amazement out of nothingness.

So there you have it.  I wish you all the most deepest joy.

And to all, a good light.


P.S. Those angelic vocal samples are from none other than Kyrstyn Pixton, herself.


© 2012 Eric Oberthaler