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Sometimes you just have to let it go. In my last post, where I introduced Nest Of Wishes, I stated my intention to release music like a thistle gives its seeds to the wind – freely, without knowing what will become of it. Well, now it’s time to get down to it. I’m releasing a new song today. Believe it or not, one of the greatest challenges of my life is to write a simple song… and release it to the world.

Freefall is not a simple song. But it is a song, I think – or at least song-like. In my creative work I sometimes stumble upon something that explodes fresh into completion, and all I have to do is get out of its way. This song is not one of those things. This one has followed me around for a long time, haunting, taunting… drawing me out of my constrictions, slowly siphoning deeper waters to the surface… I put myself in service to a vision – a collection of meanings, feelings, half-seen shapes crashing against and sliding through one another, layers woven thicker and thicker… and the thing emerges – I’m running after it, repeatedly closing half of the distance to its fulfillment… but the final satisfaction continues to elude. In the end – there is no end. There is just the need to let it go.

So what wish is this? This is me, or you, a star, a seed – floating in a vast unknown. We are filled with the hope of something to give, to sing, to become. We are a code wishing to uncoil, a fulfillment wishing to unfold. Simultaneously: we are completely alone, adrift and still we are the most intimate, inextricable essence of life emerging from the void. The floating seed.

A lot of me went into this song, but now I don’t really know what it is. It has become alien to me. Unmoored, barely clinging… It is simply time to let it go.


Freefall (Nest Of Wishes #2)

All is now.

Still breathing, broke open
In the starlight of your ocean.
By all your measures, alive.

No limit, no holding -
We’re in freefall, transforming.
All our lovers combine.

You there – can you feel me?
I’m out here, and it’s still me.
Come reach out your hand to me.

Forgive you, believe you,
Live on, in and through you…



© 2012 Eric Oberthaler