sounds  like  tree

I was stunned, delighted, and deeply honored to discover that my piece, At Last Through Thinning Veils, has won 1st prize in 8dio’s annual Stand-Out Contest.  The judges for the contest were Mason Levy (ex. Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Mat Kearney etc), Blake Neely (ex. Blindspot, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow etc), Jeremy Soule (ex. Sky-Rim, Guild Wars 2, Everquest etc), Jeff Pfeifer (Mr. Trailer himself) and David Newman (ex. Tarzan, Ice Age, Serenity, Galaxy Quest etc).  They said some very complimentary things about my piece:

“One of the most outstanding compositions I have heard for years. Fantastic production with everlasting changes. Beautiful and original use of instruments. He gets the most Creative Award … blazing his own trails … different in the best of ways … keep an eye on this guy – he might create his own entire “genre” of music.  Congratulations and thanks for redefining the idea of standing out!”

The piece represents a whirlwind presentation of the material that will be extrapolated in my next release.  Stay tuned…

© 2012 Eric Oberthaler